• Photoshop Presets / Settings / Keyboard Macros

    Installation Instructions
    1. In your Application Folder go to Adobe Photoshop CS5 / Plug-ins / Panels
    2. Copy the folders Corner Radius and guideguide inside the Panels folder.
    In the folder called Presets, select all the files and drag them to the Photoshop icon in your dock. You'll notice that nothing happens but that's ok. If you do it again you'll get duplicates.

    1. With Photoshop Closed go on Finder and Navigate to /Users/(yourname)/Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS5 Settings/WorkSpaces/
    2. Then drag the file called "UI Workspace" to that folder.
    3. Open Photoshop and click on Window > Workspace > UI Workspace and you should notice the panels change around.

    This workspace is designed to work with a large monitor + a laptop screen, so things may look out of place. It's ok for you to drag things around to make it work for you but all of these panels are important so don't completely dismiss any of them.

    On the bundle I'm sending there's a folder called Settings with screenshots of my Photoshop settings.
    Just make sure that your Preferences match each of those for better performance and improved tools.

    Keyboard Maestro + Photoshop Shortcuts
    1. Drag the Keyboard Maestro app into your application folder
    2. Open it and exit out of the welcome screen
    3. Click File > Import Macro Library
    4. Select the file Keyboard Maestro Macros.kmlibrary from my folders
    5. You'll see a screen with the button INSERT, click that and it'll import these macros
    6. You then need to enable access to assistive devices by opening System Preferences > Universal Access > Tick Enable access for assistive devices at the bottom - close out.
    Back in the Keyboard Maestro Groups you should now see a folder called Photoshop, and inside it you'll see several Macros and they keyboard shortcuts that trigger them. Open Photoshop and try them out.
    Panel Options
    Many panels in Photoshop need to be configured to show the best options. You can access these by clicking  on the top right of each panel.
    • Tool Presets Panel: Small List and Show All Tool Presets
    • Actions Panel: Button Mode
    • Styles Panel: Large list
    • Info Panel: In Panel options, tick every box
    • History Panel: In Panel Options the first 3 options should be ticked.
    PS: Keyboard Maestro requires a license to run past 30 days. I highly recommend getting it!
    PPS: Some of these shortcuts I set require a full Mac keyboard with Numpad.