• Preset Styles

    Most designers I know don't take advantage of the style pallet on Photoshop; mostly because the ones that come by default are butt ugly and designers immediately close it off.

    But preset styles can be quite useful for UI designers that often have to do similar styles over over and over. So These are the ones that I have.

    They can be used as is, or you can tweak them after applying them - it still saves time.

    • Default - no style
    • Basic Dropshadow
    • Silver
    • Button
    • 1px white dropshadow down
    • 1px white dropshadow left (useful for vertical dividers)
    • Bevel up
    • Bevel down
    • 1px white dropshadow down (stronger)
    • Silver color
    • Border + innerglow
    • 1px border

    Now here's a pro tip; you can hold Shift and click these styles and it adds them up. It'll replace things that are already set, but you could click dropshadow then hold shift and click 1px border and then you'll get an object with a border and a dropshadow.

    To make your own styles bring the effects panel, make your style and then click on NEW STYLE button under cancel. Choose a name and that's it, the style will be added to the style window.

    To install my styles you can download them here:

    Then on the styles pannel (Window > Styles) click the dropdown menu and choose "Load Styles", then select my file and that's it.